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L. Norman Sanders
Attorney at Law


L. Norman "Norm" Sanders was born in the vibrant city of Houston and spent his formative years in the heart of Texas. This Texan upbringing instilled in him a strong sense of community and a dedication to hard work that would later define his legal career. 

Norm's journey into the world of law was a natural progression of his innate talents and intellectual curiosity. Even during his high school years, he demonstrated exceptional skills in debate, a passion that would ultimately lead him to excel in the field of law. 

A Journey to Academic Pinnacle

Norm's pursuit of excellence continued through his academic journey. In 1983, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from Yale University. This achievement was particularly remarkable, as he was the first student from his Texas high school to attend an Ivy League institution. His time at Yale not only solidified his commitment to academic rigor but also broadened his horizons. 

His next educational milestone was earning his Juris Doctor from the University of Texas School of Law in Austin in 1986. His choice of law school was deliberate, driven by the institution's renowned reputation and its proximity to his family. This decision underlines his deep-rooted commitment not only to his legal career but also to his personal life. 

Early Career and Personal Growth

After graduating from law school, Norm embarked on his legal career at a personal injury firm in San Antonio. Here, he gained invaluable insights into the workings of small, private practices. This experience not only honed his legal skills but also cultivated an appreciation for the role of interpersonal relationships in the success of a firm. 

From Commodities to Criminal Law

Norm and his wife, Lisa, later moved to the nation's capital, Washington, D.C., where he pursued a diverse legal career. He served as an attorney for the Commodities Future Trading Commission, where he gained a deep understanding of the intricacies of commodities trading. His time with the Commission allowed him to witness firsthand the complexities of financial markets. 

Subsequently, Norm transitioned back into private practice in Washington, D.C. Here, he further honed his legal expertise, particularly in criminal defense. His experience in both government and private practice provided him with a well-rounded perspective that would serve his clients well in the years to come. 

Building a Legacy: Sanders Law

In 1991, Norm took a significant step in his career by opening his own personal practice, Sanders Law, in Prince George's County. This marked the beginning of a journey that would see him establish himself as a respected attorney dedicated to serving his community. 

Commitment to Community

Norm's commitment to his community extended beyond the courtroom. In 2001, he and Lisa moved from Prince George's to Calvert County, Maryland, expanding their client base and practice to include Prince George's, Calvert County, Charles County, and St. Mary's County. This geographical move allowed them to provide legal support to a broader range of clients, cementing their reputation as dedicated advocates for those in need. 

During their time in Calvert County, Norman and Lisa raised their three children. While his daughters attended school, he volunteered his time to help coach the Huntingtown Mock Trial Team. This involvement showcased his commitment to nurturing the next generation of legal minds and his passion for giving back to the community that had become his home. 

Client-Centric Philosophy

Throughout his career, Norm's approach to law has remained rooted in his ability to relate to his clients. He firmly believes in the importance of listening carefully to his clients' concerns and needs, and understanding that each legal issue is unique. He approaches each case with a commitment to crafting practical solutions that address his clients' specific issues, while remaining at a reasonable cost. This client-centric philosophy has been a cornerstone of his practice, allowing him to build strong, lasting relationships with those he represents. 

Memorable Career Experience

One of the standout moments in Norm's professional life was his experience on the commodity futures trading floor at the New York World Trade Center. Early in his career, he worked for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's Division of Enforcement Multi-District Fraud Unit. In this high-stakes environment, he witnessed the frenetic activity of traders in the 'corn pit.' This experience not only showcased his ability to thrive in high-pressure situations but also underscored his dedication to upholding the law, even in the most complex and challenging circumstances. 

A Mind Beyond the Courtroom

Beyond his legal endeavors, Norm's intellectual curiosity knows no bounds. He is an avid reader, particularly in the realm of non-fiction science literature. This hobby reflects his insatiable thirst for knowledge and his commitment to expanding his horizons beyond the courtroom.  

Awards and Credentials

Norm's commitment to the legal profession is further highlighted by his graduation from the National Institute for Trial Advocacy Intensive Training Program. This accomplishment has helped him stay at the forefront of his legal practice, continually honing his skills as an advocate for his clients. 

Guiding Clients Through Challenges

Norm wants his clients to know that his primary goal is to provide understanding and accurate guidance during challenging moments in their lives. His unwavering dedication to his clients' well-being, combined with his commitment to practical, cost-effective solutions, makes him a trusted and valuable ally for navigating the complexities of the legal system. 

A Trusted Advocate for All

Norm's dedication to his clients, his love for continuous learning, and his passion for giving back to his community make him a trusted ally for anyone needing estate planning counsel or probate representation. With understanding, expertise, and unwavering support, he stands ready to assist and guide those in need.

My family and I are here for you.


  • Juris Doctor - University of Texas at Austin School of Law, 1986

  • Bachelor's - Yale University, 1983

    • Majors: Political Science & Economics

Bar Admissions

  • Maryland

  • Washington, D.C.

  • Texas